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May 21, 2018
Moose River Adventure
November 17, 2019
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Bring it

Winter Sunset on Three Mile Pond

Just as they discovered with the green spaces of tree-filled forests scientists now say being near the blue spaces of water—shorelines, riverbanks, waterfalls—can also boost your mental health. Believe me, I know it. If I’ve been away from for so long it’s only because I needed to be outdoors in the trees, on the waters. After some personal traumas and losses, I’ve spent a full year and a half healing this way—through nature— and I’ve got a buttload of pictures and stories to fill this website with to prove it.

Ice-jiggin on Three mile pond

It’s why I’m actually happy for winter to be on our doorstep. I’ll be indoors more but let’s not also forget about the time when those blue spaces of water become vast white spaces of hardness. It takes a robust obstinance to get your mental healing this way but for me there’s something enlivening about the cold frozen world of winter. I can’t wait to drill my first hole in the ice and pull up a trout. I can’t wait to snowshoe the unblemished unbroken snowed in path out back. I can’t wait to let the howling wind of the north blast my spirit and remind me why it’s so damn good to be alive here and now. Old man Winter? Bring it!