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You can read about my trip here: Moosehead Northern Maine Adventure

View from Hardwood Valley Road of Big Spencer Mountain shrouded in clouds.

View south across Roach River inlet. Big Moose Mountain in the far distance to the south.

Sunset across spencer Bay, Moosehead Lake, Maine.

Moon over Spencer Bay, Moosehead Lake, Maine.

Little Spencer Mountain looms over Spencer Bay, Moosehead Lake, Maine

Fishing along the shore of the Roach River inlet.

Looking up Roach River inlet into Moosehead Lake

Roach River Inlet on Spencer Bay, Moosehead Lake, Maine

Kayak in the sunset on Moosehead Lake.

Spencer Bay sunset. Moosehead Lake Maine

Headed home down Moosehead Lake

View of Mt. Katahdin from road leading into Nahmakanta Public Lands.

Brook on Nahmakanta Reserve Lands

Wadliegh Pond, Nahmakanta Reserve Lands.

Wadliegh Pond, Nahmakanta Reserve Land

Lunker lake trout!

Campfire roasted togue with baked potato.